Why sell your old cell phone to Revived Cellular & Technology?

It’s Fast: There is simply no faster way to get cash for your old cell phone. You will leave our store with the money that we pay to buy it from you.

It’s Safe: If your phone can be re-used, its internal memory is electronically cleared before the phone is re-sold. This step ensures that any personal information you leave on the phone remains private.

It’s Green: More than 100 million working cell phones fall into disuse every year when their owners upgrade. Millions of them—which contain many toxic and non-biodegradable materials—end up in our landfills. But with Revived Cellular & Technology, there is a greener, safer solution:

  • If your phone is working, we will give it a new home so it can be re-used. Putting a phone back into service keeps it out of landfills and doubles or triples its useful lifespan.
  • If your phone is no longer of any use,  we can break it down for parts and/or safely recycle it.

It’s Easy: Our cell phone buying process takes only about five minutes of your time. You never have to worry about grading the condition of your phone, ensuring that your personal data is removed, or shipping your phone to an out-of-town vendor.


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1) Just bring your phone, laptop or tablet to our store, along with the charger, instruction manual and original box, if you have them.

2) We’ll tell you the phone, laptop or tablet  exact value. 

3) We’ll pay you cash. If your phone does not have any monetary value we can dispose of it for you. Most of these phones go to some recycling agency. 

We buy all these brands:
Revived Cellular & Technology carries all the latest brands of used cell phones & laptops, including these brands:







Why buy a phone from Revived Cellular & Technology?

 In a word, confidence. When you buy a used phone from us, you can be sure that we stand behind every product we sell.

However, when you purchase a used phone from a stranger online, there are no guarantees. It could be that the phone has been reported lost or stolen—most stolen phones cannot be reactivated, so are worthless. Or, perhaps it’s a newer phone that has been purchased on an installment plan. If the seller has defaulted on the payments, the carrier will have blocked the phone’s electronic serial number (ESN), again preventing reactivation.

But at Revived Cellular & Technology, every phone we sell is carefully screened to ensure that it has a valid identification number (IMEI or ESN.) You will be able to activate the phone with your carrier. Plus, if for any reason your newly purchased phone doesn’t perform, we will repair or replace it free of charge 

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