Our Services

Broken Laptop & Phone Glass /LCD Repair

If your screen is chipped, shattered or scratched, it’s not useless! We can have it looking good as new! Most of the time, we can replace your damaged screen while you wait.

Charging Port Replacement 

Loose or broken charging port?  We are able to replace most of the cell phone, ipad, tablet & computer charging ports. Even just replacing the flex cable or  soldering the componets directly to the mainboard.   

Data Recovery

We can recover files from internal and external hard drives, accessing your recovered data from a DataRecovery tool. 

Software password Unlocking and Updates

Did you forget your password? We can restore your windows or Mac system. We can also reset your cell phone to the factory setting. 

Damaged Housing

 Does your phone have scratched or damaged housing? Often, depending on the make and model of your phone, we can install a new housing in a matter of minutes.

Blue or Black Error Screen

If your cell phone or laptop screen is blanking out, you may have a hardware or software problem. We have tests to diagnose the problem.

Keypad & Keyboard Failure

If any or all of your keys are not working (a nightmare for anyone who likes to text with their phone), we’ll examine your phone for free to diagnose the problem. Once we’ve determined the issue, we’ll call you with an estimate. If you like what you hear, we’ll fix the problem and get your phone right back to you!

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